Fit BoilerMagXT and Improve Heating System Efficiency

An inefficent heating or cooling system can be very costly for your business. Fuel is too expensive to waste. Breakdowns can be costly to repair and buildings may have to close as repairs are carried out. The BoilerMagXT magnetic filter improves efficiency and prevents breakdowns by removing potentially harmful ferrous iron oxide (sludge) from heating and cooling systems.

BoilerMag in Operation

The BoilerMagXT benefits property owners, installers, contractors and the environment:

Benefits of BoilerMag XT

  • Improves efficiency reducing heating bills
  • Easy to install and maintain with zero running costs
  • Extends boiler, radiator, pipework and valve life
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Industry leading 3 year guarantee
  • High intensity magnetic core ensures maximum capture of ferrous oxide
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

BoilermagXT magnetic filters can be installed permanently or used temporarily for system flush servicing. They are ideal for use in factories, offices, hospitals, apartment blocks, leisure centres, schools, shops, restaurants and other larger premises.