Compact Magnetic Filter

  • Removes ferrous contamination from all industrial fluids
  • Environmentally responsible waste can be recycled
  • Efficient collects all ferrous contamination
  • Economical no consumables

Highly Efficient Filtration

  • Sub-micron filtration efficiency: if the particle is magnetic, even partially, the Micromag will remove it.
  • Capable of removing abrasives and non-magnetic material by means of entrapment.
  • Visual inspection of fluid being filtered and contamination collected.

Cost Cutting

  • No consumables required, ever.
  • No loss of fluid due to changing oil sodden cartridges.
  • Minimal pressure drop, even when fully loaded with contamination thanks to patented magnetic circuit design.
  • No maintenance required, only operator intervention to clean.
  • Reduced downtime, increased productivity.

Environmentally Responsible

  • Contamination removed as material which can be recycled no need to dispose of dirty cartridges.
  • Fluids remain effective for longer, so fluid use is reduced.

Please refer to the product guide for more info.