BoilerMag Yields Immediate Results

D. Hague Plumbing & Heating saw immediate results during a recent installation.

The Gas Safe registered contractors recently fitted a 22mm BoilerMag unit in a garage during a heating system upgrade at a 4 bedroomed detached property.

The installation is a perfect illustration of BoilerMag’s high performance extraction capability and the importance of fitting a filter even on a system which may appear clean. This system had been flushed and the boiler was brand new, however, in just a short space of time, ferrous oxide had started to build up. BoilerMag’s unique design and high intensity magnetic core ensures that even the smallest particles are removed.

BoilerMag in Operation

After just 45 minutes ferrous oxide starts to build up

Dale Hague who carried out the installation commented, "The BoilerMag was very easy to fit – all the connections are provided and it only took about 20 minutes to fit. It certainly works – we inspected it after about 45 minutes and already contamination had started to build up. And this was from a supposedly clean system".